Leading molinetes that feel effortless to the follower


Often, we begin learning the molinete of Argentine tango in a way that goes something like this: ...

How to lead a clear, connected and comfortable step in Argentine tango


Argentine tango is the Great Humbler of dances. Learning it usually begins by substantially undermining our confidence in something we thought we had mastered at age two: walking. And for leaders, we are suddenly responsible for guiding the steps of two people, while we may not even be sure we should be responsible for one. So what exactly does a leader need to do to create a synchronized dance step, rather than a forced movement in a somewhat ambiguous direction? Let's take a look at the breakdown: ...

How to take the follower's back step in Argentine tango


What is there to a simple back step in the dance of Argentine tango? ...

How to Understand Injective Functions, Surjective Functions, and Bijective Functions


One way to think of functions

Functions are easily thought of as a way of matching up numbers from one set with numbers of another. The function f(x)=x+3, for example, is just a way of saying that I'm matching up the number 1 with the number 4, the number 2 with the number 5, etc. A different example would be the absolute value function which matches both -4 and +4 to the number +4. Think of functions as matchmakers. ...

User-friendly Django CSRF Protection


The fact that Django comes with CSRF protection is extremely nice. Unless, of course, your hobby is exploiting websites, in which case get off my site. For the rest of us, thwart those baddies by using Django's CsrfViewMiddleware and the csrf_token tag. But when you do, keep in mind what that changes on your webpages. The csrf_token tag sets a cookie. So, that begs the question: ...