Django logging in version 1.4: How to correctly remove the require_debug_false filter from the mail_admin handler


There you are, configuring some shiny new django website of yours, and you want to test some of the logging features. And because you're testing in a development environment, you have DEBUG=True in your file. But the problem is, you're not seeing the admin logging emails you are expecting. So, you check the LOGGING variable in to see if you missed something. It looks something like this by default: ...

The Five Stages of Close Embrace in Argentine Tango



"Close embrace is impossible. I'm sticking to open." ...

No scientific prediction of an ice age happened in the 1970s


This is one of many rumors that are known to be untrue, which I still find online sometimes. It's like an email from a Nigerian prince asking for money. Even if Penn & Teller repeated it on a TV show, or Michael Chrichton put it in a book, it's not getting any more factual. ...